Community Warden’s Report-June 2017


I am pleased to be able to report that crime in the area has remained very low. However resident’s should always remember “If you do not lock it, you will lose it” Do not leave window’s open if your vehicle is unattended.

Vandalism / Graffiti

There have been no reported cases of vandalism or graffiti.


A local resident has recently received a scam email pertaining to have been sent by HMCR. The email stated she had been awarded a tax refund of over £240 pounds. All they had to do to receive the cash was to click on the link shown on the email.

This was a scam to obtain access to your computer information.

HMCR will never send you an email, you will always receive a letter, which Will contain their reference number and your national insurance number.

Over Grown Hedges

As the summer draws on the combination of rain and sunshine has caused a massive growth spurt in tree’s and garden hedges.

If your hedge or tree’s are growing over roads and pavements, please cut them back. This will promote safer access for pedestrians and motorist’s.

Lee Kidd

Community Warden