Torchlight Procession Sunday 11th Nov

Tonight’s the Night!

The walk will go ahead regardless of the weather, however we will be deciding whether to take the real flame procession torches at 5:30. It will be beautiful regardless.  See you there

Gathering from 5:30pm at the top of Bay Hill to proceed as a Torch lit procession to the Lighthouse, via Goodwin road, to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

The South Foreland light will shine across the channel once more from 7:01 as part of a national moment of remembrance. A small service will start at 6:35 which will include the roll of honour, the last post and the air raid siren. We understand from the National Trust that refreshments are available as are limited tours of Fan Bay and of the Lighthouse.

Please read the following:

All residents are welcome to join us on our procession to the Lighthouse. No booking necessary!

If you would like to be issued with a real fire procession torch and are over 18, please click on the link below, read  the code of conduct and if you are happy to comply, click accept and enter your contact details.

Request procession torch

The procession torches have a life of about 50 minutes and will be displayed and allowed to burn out, outside the perimeter of the lighthouse, under the direction of the National Trust.

Wristbands for the successful applicants can be picked up at the Channel Rooms in our Village Hall at your choice of:

  • Friday 6:45-7:30pm
  • Sat 11:30-12:15
  • Sun 9:45 to 10:30am
  • Sun 12:45 to 13:30pm  (additional session)

You will get a chance to hold a procession torch and hear our latest safety recommendations. The wristbands will be exchanged for the torches from 5:30pm on the  11th as explained above.

Absolutely NO vehicular access to the Lighthouse. A limited minibus service will be running from the Village Hall to the Lighthouse via Lighthouse road, for those unable to walk with  the procession but still wish to take part at the service at the Lighthouse. Please click on the link below and enter your contact details.  Please remain aware that there are limited facilities, uneven terrain and very little shelter at the lighthouse.

Request minibus transportation

The walker’s route:

Nov 11th PC risk assessment (version 3)

Although a great deal of effort is directed into the safety aspects of the procession, walking on bumpy roads in the dark, whilst some residents are  carrying procession torches with naked flames, remains potentially dangerous. All persons should carefully note that attendance will constitute volenti non fit injuria, that is to say you will be deemed to have accepted any risk of injury or damage whatsoever, and no claim in respect thereof will lie against the facilitators