20mph zone

20 mph zone in village

Your Parish Council have been talking to Highways about several measures to improve road safety.  One of which is a 20mph zone. What are your thoughts?

Last year we were told most of the village was not suitable now Highways are proposing this – see map below – The village will have to find the funds –  between £5-£6,000.

Some villagers are welcoming the concept but say it should be smaller – is it necessary in the dip in Sea street for example? others think the zone should be larger – all the way down Bay Hill or even all the roads in the village. Some don’t want the 20mph zone  at all as no safe driver would go faster down the High Street anyway as it is just not suitable and the unsafe drivers will ignore any  limit, so what’s the point?

Please let our clerk know what you think

Email: or leave a message on the anser machine (01304) 892535




PDF version here  1201-TRO

June 23