Buses to the village

Updated 13th Feb 2023

The Parish Council is bitterly disappointed with the drop in service of bus to the village.

The Parish Council has arranged  to meet the Operations Manager of Stagecoach (Louise Still) and concerned local resident Maria Fitzgerald this week. Mrs Still has also been invited to the February PC meeting. Mon 13th Feb 6.45

One option  we will be discussing is the Dogleg. It is about one additional mile for the bus to come into the village and straight out again. Station Road – Dover Road.  Google Maps measures 2km  along A258 between Station road and Dover road – compared to  3.7km going into the village as far as the Station Road / Dover Road junction. I know that doesn’t help those in the Bay, but I am already hearing stories of people being dropped at the Swinggate bus stop and taking their life in their hands walking from there back to the village. (Unlit fast road with no pavements)


Notes from meeting held 8th Feb with Lousie  Sills and colleague Dave from Stagecoach and Parish Council are  here

For your info – the new timetable. The last bus from Deal is 2 pm and no service on Sundays.