Claim 2 footpaths between Sea Street and ER276

Two Footpaths joining ER276  (Droveway Gardens between  back entrance of the school and the Doctors) and Sea Street

Disputed footpath 1

Disputed Footpath 2


These are  not currently  public right of ways. However, the Public Rights Of Way PROW department  have informed us that if they have been used for over 20 years, by the public, We, the Parish Council, should claim both as public footpaths. We showed the paths to the PROW officer  back in 2020 when we reported the track joining ER276 and ER28.

In a nut shell we would require evidence from people to show that they have both been used it freely for 20 years or more.

Both these tracks crossing the field as can be seen quite clearly from google maps.


If you have used these paths freely in the past and wish to provide evidence please download and fill in this  User evidence statement.   If you have just used the one path then just once please siting the correct path, if you have used both, then you need to print off the form twice and fill it in again siting both.

It is not the easiest of forms, please read each question carefully and answer appropriately. One  individual does not need to have used the track for the full 20 years. The community as a whole must prove that the track was used over the whole time span.  Please read each question carefully and  answer  honestly.

Send the competed form to   or drop it in the letterbox at the village hall attention Parish Clerk.

An accompanying letter is optional. We are aware and saddened  that new signs have recently been erected asking people not to trespass  on these paths.

More background on how the process works is here : Definitive-map-modification-order-form-and-notes  

If you would like to download a copy of the map click here  for  path1    or here for path2

More information on Footpaths.

The process to add a footpath to the definite map could take up to 5 years once submitted. We will need a good number of witness statements before doing so. It’s your village!

For more information on our current footpaths and the deadline to amend the definitive map  click here