Dog Fouling & PSPO

Dog Fouling

The Parish Council have been considering asking DDC to place the King George Vth  (cricket field)  and Alexander field (football field) as a Public Space Protection Order – PSPO where dogs need to be kept on lead. Similar to the green in the Bay and the church grave yard.  These are enforced by DDC with fines.

It does however seem wrong  that the good dog-owners suffer because of irresponsible ones. The real issue is not picking up after dog mess and that is already against the law.  The fields are used by all our villagers and the implications of dog fowling for kids playing football, cricketers batting or even the walkers are horrible and potentially dangerous.

In the meantime please watch your dogs and pickup their mess anywhere but particularly where people may step in it, say something If you see something and report dog fouling on line.

click here to report dog fouling

Details on Public  Space Protection Orders PSPO are here

It includes up to date maps, but this is what we have already.