Emergency or non-emergency? Know the right channels to report incidents in Kent!

Added 4 July 2023

For immediate threats, serious offences in progress, immediate danger or harm, or property at risk, dial 999 to reach Kent Police Emergency. They’ll respond swiftly to ensure public safety.

If the incident has already occurred, there’s no immediate risk, and it’s a low-level non-emergency, dial Kent Police 101. They’ll handle crimes not requiring immediate action.

For anti-social behaviour related to DDC Council Tenants or properties, noise complaints, or general non-emergency nuisance activities, visit www.dover.gov.uk/report  Dover District Council is there to address these specific issues.

Remember, choosing the right reporting method helps authorities respond effectively and ensures our community remains safe and peaceful.

You can now contact Kent Police for all Wards and Officers here –  https://www.kent.police.uk

Please use this link ASB Reporting Card to utilise embedded reporting links