Footpath Maintenance Update

Added 25 July 2023

With the recent wet and warm weather, some of the public footpaths around our beautiful village have become overgrown. We understand the importance of well-maintained paths for safe and enjoyable walks, and we want to address this issue promptly.

Currently, a limited number of paths are included in the Public Right of Way cutting schedule, which has helped in keeping our footpaths accessible. The first cut is about to be completed, and we anticipate the second cut to begin in approximately 2-3 weeks.

If you know of any footpaths that have become particularly difficult to navigate due to overgrowth, and which aren’t on the schedule, please let us know the path number. We can ask the PROW Team to add these paths to the cutting schedule. While there is no guarantee, there is no harm in asking, and together, we can make a difference.

Your active participation and support are crucial in maintaining the beauty and accessibility of our village footpaths. Let’s work together to ensure everyone can enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Details of Paths included on First Cut Schedule

Details of Paths included on Second Cut Schedule