Important Announcement: Kent Community Warden Service Review

Added 19 July 2023

We want to bring your attention to an important matter that directly impacts our community—the Kent Community Warden Service Review.

Due to the financial challenges faced by the Council, the Community Warden service has been tasked with reducing its annual budget by £1 million by 2024-25. As part of this endeavour, the service will undergo a thorough redesign.

The consultation document has been provided to offer insights into the current Community Warden service, its functions, and operational aspects. It also outlines the reasons behind the proposed changes and the development process of these proposals. Your feedback and thoughts on the suggested modifications are vital, and we encourage you to actively participate in the process.

📋 What’s Included in the Consultation Document?

✅ Overview of the current Community Warden service, including its roles and operations.

✅ Explanation of the proposed changes and the alternative options considered.

✅ Information gathered from service users, staff, and partners in developing the proposals.

✅ Detailed plans to retain a core Community Warden presence in the county, while covering two districts with reduced resources.

✅ Utilising data and information to strategically place wardens for maximum impact.

🗣️ Your Input Matters!

Before any decisions are made, we want to hear your valuable opinions on several aspects:

🔹 How the proposed reductions and changes in warden allocation could affect you and your community.

🔹 Any additional information you believe should be considered during this process.

🔹 Alternative suggestions on how the service could achieve the necessary savings.

🔹 Review and feedback on the assumptions made in the draft Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA).

📚 To participate and have your say, please read the Consultation document linked below. Afterward, we ask you to complete the online questionnaire provided. Your perspectives will shape the future of our Community Warden service, and your input is invaluable in making the right decisions for our parish.

📍 Link to Consultation Document

📍 Link to Online Questionnaire

Together, we can work towards ensuring the safety, well-being, and prosperity of our community. Let’s join hands and contribute to a brighter future!