KCC Urged to Bin Proposed Changes to Household Waste & Recycling Centres

Added 18 June 2023


Dover District Council is raising concerns over Kent County Council’s (KCC) proposed changes to household waste and recycling centres in Kent. The proposed reductions in opening hours and potential closures have sparked worries about the negative impact on the environment, increased fly-tipping, and the undermining of recycling efforts. Dover District Council is urging KCC to reconsider these plans, emphasising the importance of protecting essential services and promoting waste reduction and recycling.

Environmental and Cost Implications

The potential closures and reduced opening hours of household waste and recycling centres in Dover, Deal, and Richborough near Sandwich have prompted Dover District Council to highlight the adverse consequences. One of the major concerns is the potential increase in fly-tipping. If residents face difficulties accessing recycling facilities due to limited opening hours or permanent closures, they may resort to illegal dumping of waste in unauthorised areas. This would result in additional costs associated with cleaning up the dumped waste, placing a burden on local authorities and taxpayers.

Moreover, the proposed changes may send a discouraging message to residents who are actively engaged in recycling and waste reduction. Local districts and boroughs have been striving to promote sustainable practices, and closing or reducing the availability of recycling centres contradicts these efforts. By limiting access to recycling facilities, KCC risks hampering the progress made in promoting recycling and waste reduction among the local population.

Need for Rethinking the Plans

Dover District Council recognises the financial pressures faced by KCC but emphasises that key services should be protected to meet the needs of residents. Waste and recycling centres play a crucial role in ensuring responsible waste management and providing convenient locations for residents to recycle various materials. By reducing access to these facilities, KCC would not only undermine the public’s environmental efforts but also compromise the overall waste management system.

Alternative Solutions

Instead of closing or reducing the opening hours of household waste and recycling centres, KCC should explore alternative solutions to address budget constraints. Collaborative efforts between local authorities, community organisations, and residents can help find innovative ways to cut costs without compromising essential services. Potential options include seeking partnerships with private entities, implementing efficiency measures, or exploring additional funding sources to ensure the uninterrupted operation of recycling centres.

Public Opinion Matters

KCC has invited residents and stakeholders to share their views on the county’s Minerals and Waste Local Plan. This plan outlines the strategy for minerals and waste development in Kent and plays a significant role in shaping waste management policies. It is crucial for concerned citizens and organisations to participate in the consultation process and voice their concerns regarding the proposed changes to household waste and recycling centres.


Kent County Council’s proposed changes to household waste and recycling centres have raised alarm bells for Dover District Council. While budget constraints are a legitimate concern, the closure of recycling centres and reduced opening hours may have severe environmental consequences, including increased fly-tipping and diminished efforts in waste reduction and recycling. It is essential for KCC to take into account the feedback received during the public consultation and find alternative solutions that prioritise the environment, cost-effectiveness, and the needs of the local community. By maintaining accessible and well-functioning recycling facilities, Kent can continue its progress toward sustainable waste management and encourage responsible waste practices among its residents.

What can you do?

Please complete the consultation questionnaire available via the KCC Website here and have your say on how these changes will impact our community.