Nat West Banking Scam

Message from Police.

For those of you who bank with the Nat West Bank please be aware of the latest online banking scam in an attempt to obtain your banking details.

This scam operates via email and appears to be a legitimate email to Nat West customers, i.e. it has the logo, colours, fonts etc. that an email from the Nat West would have. The email explains that the bank wishes to update your current details for its records and states that if you do this it will give you £100 for doing so.

This obviously is too good to believe and has been confirmed by Nat West that this is a scam and the email  has nothing to do with them.

I am only aware of attempts re Nat West customers but I am sure that any bank name may be used.

Again as stated in previous emails if something appears too good to be true it usually is,  so be aware.