Reporting full bins on our beach

Your Parish Council have been lobbying DDC for more bins (or more collections) on the Beach. As we well know they are often full to overflowing as the weather improves and then rubbish gets blown around. The refuge collectors do their best but the bins can’t cope!

We are also expecting more people than ever to visit this year of the Staycation!

The DDC officer is not aware of a problem here and has therefore  suggested we report these incidences in future. Here is the link

It is not surprising that Dover have not had many reports as it is very difficult to find our beach/bay and report a problem – so here is the trick:

  • Insert – The Bay in the first box
  • choose “The Bay, St Margarets Bay” from the pull down menu in the second box
  • chose an appropriate option form the third box eg “St Margarets beach adjacent to”

and then you can add Litter bin to the report enquiry – alongside photos if you have them and a description.

Please please please report report report.

DDC have suggested that the Parish Council pay for an extra litter bin in the Bay, but that is not really our remit. What with the Parking charges starting 1st March this year and now necessary until 6pm every evening, one would have thought, DDC could afford it.

As always let us know what you think  via