Shaping Kent’s Transportation Future: Have Your Say on the Emerging Local Transport Plan!

Added 21 July 2023

Kent County Council have launched the “Emerging Local Transport Plan” for Kent, and we need YOUR input to shape the future of transportation in our wider community! 🗣️

📋 What’s in the Plan?

  • Identify current transportation challenges in Kent.
  • Propose policies and objectives for improvement.
  • Focus on making journeys better and more sustainable within our county.

🗣️ Your Voice Matters!

  1. Are the proposed goals achievable and aligned with our community’s needs?
  2. What are the most pressing transportation challenges you face in St Margaret’s?
  3. Where should KCC prioritise improvements within Kent?
  4. How can transportation contribute to the net-zero by 2050 mission?

💡 Why Participate Now? Your input will significantly influence the final draft Local Transport Plan, shaping our future. Don’t wait! Share your views early to create a plan that truly serves YOU.

🌐 How to Get Involved: Access the Emerging Local Transport Plan and complete the questionnaire

📍 Link to the Emerging Local Transport Plan

📍 Link to Online Questionnaire