South Foreland Valley

What is happening in our South Foreland Valley?  Please read attached document form Cllr Anna Newton

SFV March 2020

An Update on the South Foreland Valley 22nd April

Six weeks or so ago the words lockdown and social distancing were hardly known and seldom used; now they trip off the tongue daily. Wherever you are the television, newspapers and our previous leaflets keep reminding people to stay home, take no unnecessary journeys and no social contact. Sadly the messages still are not getting through to some people.

Dover Security Services, telephone number 07428 062 944, or I, have in the past 4 weeks, had calls out to the South Foreland Valley to families picnicking up on The Front; motor cyclists practising their wheelies; would be Lewis Hamiltons driving on the Valley’s road at speeds of up to 80 miles an hour; groups of young men drinking beer together; roads blocked by large branches and saplings and someone has had another pop at the wall in the gun magazine! If you see anything suspicious please ring 07428 062 944, at any time of the day or night.

Previously I’ve put out this request to protect the Valley but today it is also that we may be protected and continue to be safe. 07428 062 944,