Village Maintenance

A number of people have asked “What’s happened to Dusty?” The answer is that Mr Ian Miller, but generally known as “Dusty”, requested that he wished to retire – or almost, after approximately 30 years of brilliant service.  However, he is still taking care of the Cemetery  arrangements and maintenance of The Dare Gardens of Remembrance, together with a few small areas around the Village Centre, of which he is justifiably proud, e.g. you will all have noticed the superb display of spring flowers as you enter the village whilst passing the bus stop and Merzenlich areas on your right – what a lovely welcome to our Village!

So, it’s not quite “out with the old” and “in with the new” – just a well-earned easing off gently.  As for the “new”, the Parish Council prepared a Schedule of Works, being the major portion of the works previously carried out by Dusty, and invited tenders for the Grounds Maintenance Contract to hopefully commence 1st April 2020.  We managed to achieve this and after considering the 5 tenders received, awarded the Contract to Ross Purchase Garden Maintenance Services, a small local business based in the Village.

Ross has been working successfully since 1st April so you should now see his cheery face working away cutting grass, treating benches and generally attending to matters requiring attention around the Village.  However, be aware that at this difficult time we should all remember “Social Distancing” – we are used to stopping and chatting to Dusty and will probably wish to do the same with Ross, as we get to know him better, but don’t forget it’s in both their interests and ours to comply – hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all return to normality.